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Rabbi Yechiel Tzvi Lichtenstein

Yechiel Tzvi Lichtenstein was a late nineteenth century Jewish believer from a Chasidic background. While in Yeshiva, he became a disciple of Yeshua of Nazareth. He served at the Institutum Judaicum Delitzschianum as a professor of rabbinics and wrote several books and commentaries including refutations of anti-missionary works.


Toledot Yeshua HaMashiach

Toledot Yeshua HaMashiach ("The Life of Yeshua the Messiah") was Lichtenstein's response to the medieval rabbinic polemic Toledot Yeshu. (Special thanks to Jorge Quinonez for the scanning of this work.)

  Toledot_Yeshua_HaMashiach_(Hebrew)_Lichtenstein.pdf  | Size: 1MB



Lichtenstein obituary notice appearing in The Jewish Era on May 5, 1912.

  Obituary_Lichtenstein.pdf  | Size: 0.5MB


Limudei HaNeviim

Lichtenstein's Limudei haNeviim ("Teachings of the Prophets") tried to combine the mystical teachings of Jewish mysticism and the New Testament. (Special thanks to Jorge Quinonez for the scanning of this work.)

  Limudei_HaNeviim_(Hebrew)_Lichtenstein.pdf  | Size: 7.8MB


Chizzuk Emunat Emet

Chizzuk Emunat Emet ("True Faith Strengthened") is Lichtenstein's response to the famous anti-missionary work Chizzuk Emunah ("Faith Strengthened") by Isaac Troki. (Special thanks to Jorge Quinonez for the scanning of this work.)

  Chizzuk_Emunat_Emet_(Hebrew)_Lichtenstein.pdf  | Size: 13.6MB


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